We provide the full scope of branding and creative solutions for businesses across all sectors, from robust start-ups to global enterprises.

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Identity Crisis?

Mixed Messages?

Lost in Translation?

Our process makes a critical difference for our clients. It starts with our proprietary brand Discovery analysis. Branding is an art form through and through. And, like any great art form you can’t rush it. Branding is who you are as a business. It is your entire philosophy condensed into a single, concise message that makes you instantly recognizable throughout any advertising you do. From your logo, through your tag line, to your mission statement to your letterhead to your website, to your print collateral—everyone needs to know what your brand is so you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Through our Brand Discovery process, we will achieve just that. Perhaps the most importance difference Marena Studios can offer you is that we approach everything we do strategically. In short, we do our homework. Whether we’re doing a simple direct mail piece, a web banner campaign, or a full-blown marketing communications program, we think about what we do. Beautiful design is the easy part; just about anyone can design a beautiful piece. The challenge is to make it meaningful, to maintain your brand integrity, and to generate results.

The Substance Behind Style

In the case of websites, design and ease of navigation is paramount, but back end development is the engine that drives your website and therefore cannot be underestimated. Our team not only consists of great designers, but technology experts who can create software, develop CMS systems, incorporate integrated marketing technology and give you all the support you need.

Marena Studios attracts clients who want direct access to the people who produce the work. By eliminating the layers of management and non-productive meetings that characterize large advertising agencies…along with the excessive costs that the client ultimately bears. This is how we can offer top-quality products and services at a lower cost and a faster turnaround time.

  • 2016 American Graphic Design Award for Kneipp U.S. Website
  • 2016 Best of New York Award for Web Design, Presented by Best Businesses
  • 2015 Best of New York Award for Web Design, Presented by Best Businesses
  • We have won other numerous awards including The International TV & Film Festival Bronze and Gold awards for McDonald’s and Martin Marietta Aerospace, the Mobius International Advertising Award for PriceWaterhouse, and ADDY awards for the Hudson Tea Building and RiverPlace brochures.
  • Marena Studios is a woman-owned business
  • NYC WBE Certification
  • NYS WBE Certification Pending